Thursday, October 8, 2009

Evangelicalism and the Problem of Subjectivity

Scott Clark is once again smoking crack over on the Heidelblog, but he has characteristically captured a small slice of truth in the midst of an otherwise delusional, drug-induced haze. He's way off base and downright mean in comparing Tim Keller to Neville Chamberlain and mainstream evangelicalism to Hitler in his title to this post, even if he's right to warn us against a postmodern reductionism that would deny the existence of propositional truth because of the recognition of the problem of perspective.

Yeah, triperspectivalism may be "responsible for undermining a good bit of Reformed theology, piety, and practice," but from whence comes Dr. Clark's absolute dogmatic certainty that the Reformed confessions and his particularly narrow interpretation of them are an immaculate and timelessly normative exposition of the objective truths of Scripture? One cannot escape the problem of perspective even if he or she is elect!

I know exactly where he's heading when he asks, "Why are evangelicals, who have no sympathy for the confessional doctrines of church and sacraments, enamored of TPism?" I absolutely agree that rampant subjectivism is destructive, but, seriously, who made Scott Clark, Westminster Seminary California, and the brass in NAPARC the infallible guardians of all Christian truth and the entire Church catholic? Have you truly divested yourselves so completely of your context and humanity, not to mention depravity, that you have risen transcendent to speak heavenly truths without the means of earth? How about a little humility in conducting the theological enterprise? The Scriptures are absolutely true, but don't "we all make many mistakes" in teaching and interpreting them?

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